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The mission of KIPP King Collegiate is to prepare students to live inspired and ethical lives by developing within them extraordinary academic skills, a life-long passion for learning, and the resolve to change their own lives and the world around them through acts of excellence, justice, humanity, and courage.


Named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., KIPP King Collegiate High School opened in the fall of 2007 as the first KIPP public charter high school west of the Rockies. KIPP King Collegiate High School is open to all students and focuses on preparing young people for college and choice-filled lives. 95 percent of our students matriculate to college. Upon graduating from KIPP King, all students will have the wisdom, habits of mind, and commitment of heart to be change agents in their communities.

Enrollment and Demographics

618 students, grades 9–12

49% Latino
27% Asian/Pacific Islander
15% African American
9% Other

5% English Language Learners
5% Students with Special Needs
62% qualify for federal free and reduced-price meals



2005B Via Barrett
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Phone: (510) 317–2330
Fax: (510) 317–2333
Email: kkc_info@kippbayarea.org

To reach us about attendance, please call or text:
Or please e-mail us at


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Email: om@kippking.org


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