School Accountability Report Card

Reported for School Year 2012-13, published during 2013-14. Click here to view in English. Click here to view in Spanish. Haga clic aquí para ver el informe. Cambia el idioma en el menú desplegable.

2012 Academic Performance Index (API)

The API gives all public schools in California a score from 200-1,000 based on their achievement on the California Standards Test.

KIPP Summit’s API score is 912, far above the state goal of 800, the state average for all schools of 788, and the state average for low-income students of 737. KIPP Summit students prove it is possible to close the achievement gap.

2012 California Standards Test (CST)

The California Standards Tests are subject-specific exams administered to public school students in second through eleventh grade every year. The charts below show KIPP Summit Academy’s performance relative to the district and the state. KIPP Summit Academy students outperform the district and the state in every subject.