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The mission of KIPP Heartwood Academy is to deepen in the students of East San Jose the knowledge, skills, character, and intellectual habits needed to excel in college and to make positive change every single day.


KIPP Heartwood Academy is a free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter middle school in San Jose. It opened its doors to 73 fifth grade students in July 2004, becoming the first public charter school in Alum Rock. By partnering with parents, teachers, community members, and the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District, KIPP Heartwood proves that with the necessary desire, discipline, and dedication, East San Jose students can perform at the same high levels as other students in Santa Clara County. KIPP Heartwood puts students on a solid track to success in high school, college, and the competitive world beyond. Our school derives its name from the redwood tree. The living tissue, or core, of a redwood tree is called the heartwood. When a redwood tree is damaged, it rebuilds itself from its heartwood.

Enrollment and Demographics

414 students, grades 5–8

77% Latino
22% Asian/Pacific Islander
1% Other

26% English Language Learners
5% Students with Special Needs
83% qualify for federal free and reduced-price meals



1250 South King Road
San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408) 926-5477
Fax: (408) 926-5478

KIPP students & families in San Jose: Please contact your school leader ASAP or email us at if you have been affected by the flooding.


Applications for the 2016-17 school year are now open for Grades 5-8. You can submit your online application here.

Contact Elizabeth Betancourt
Phone: (408) 926-5477

To participate in KIPP Heartwood’s Local Control Accountability Plan, click here. Review KIPP Heartwood’s 2016-2017 LCAP here.

Review their Local Educational Agency Plan (LEA) here.