About KIPP Through College

As part of KIPP’s commitment to ensure that its students climb the mountain to and through college, KIPP Bay Area Schools continues to support students after they leave KIPP middle and high schools through the KIPP Through College program. The vision of the KIPP Through College program is that all students have the access, skills and resources necessary to navigate to and through college into self-sufficient adulthood.

The KIPP Through College Team provides support and services to all of the alumni who are promoted from a KIPP middle school and high school. Through high school transition support, one-on-one college counseling, alumni advising for KIPPsters in college, and career readiness services, KIPP students go on to matriculate and graduate from high school and college, ready to begin their careers.


  • 92% of alumni who matriculated to college are still persisting
  • 85% of KIPP alumni have matriculated to college
  • For more about KIPP’s national results, please read the 2011 KIPP College Completion Report

Read the KTC blog, To and Through College.

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KIPP Through College Director
David Ling, 510.465.5477 x 21





KIPP Through College Assistant Director
Katie Dobroff
510.465.5477 x 18