KIPP schools proactively engage in community outreach, seek out partnerships with local organizations, hand out informational flyers, and go door-to-door to inform families that they have a free, college-prep public education option in their neighborhood.

Students and parents choose to enroll at KIPP schools—no one is assigned or forced to attend. Prior to the start of the school year, KIPP staff visit families in their homes to explain KIPP’s unique program. During this time, students, parents, and teachers all sign a “Commitment to Excellence” learning pledge agreeing to KIPP’s structured learning program and high expectations.

“This is my daughter’s fourth and final year at KIPP and it will be so sad when she has to leave. She has come so far since she’s been there, from being ‘far below basic’ to ‘advanced.’ She did work hard to get to where she is, but she would never have reached her goals without the help of the teachers and staff at KIPP. I thank God for them every day.”

Beverly Ross, KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy parent

“When I was researching middle schools for my son, I learned about KIPP. I couldn’t believe there was one right here in our neighborhood. I appreciate the structure the school provides him and the extra time he spends with the teachers.”

Ivy Hankins, KIPP Bayview Academy parent

“I am so glad my daughter was able to get into this school. This is her first year, and it’s a little tough for all of us, but the rewards I’m sure will be great. I have never seen my child come home and start her homework—that in itself is amazing that she loves to do her work. All of the staff and the principal that I’ve met so far are great and appear to truly have the interest of the kids and their education at heart. I pray that more of these schools can become a bigger part of the educational system”

Anonymous KIPP Summit Academy parent

 “My son currently attends KIPP San Jose Collegiate. I have seen a positive outcome from his attending this excellent school. The teachers are very involved and they know every student and parent’s name. I feel so welcome and love that my son is doing great in school!”

Anonymous KIPP San Jose Collegiate parent

“My daughter goes to KIPP Heartwood Academy and she does better—from C’s, F’s, and D’s. Now at school her average is A’s and B’s. KIPP is a great school for academics. It makes you strive to go to college.”

Me Duc Ngo, KIPP Heartwood Academy parent