Board of Directors

Beth Sutkus Thompson, CEO

Chuck Daggs, Board Chair

Former Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo

Jay Allen

Former Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Services, Charles Schwab & Co.

Michael Cohen

Co-founder & Principal, Strada

John Philip Coghlan

Former President and CEO, Visa USA

Lauren Dutton


Andrea C. Evans

Lawyer, Self-employed

Kevin Eyres

Mentor, Growth Advisor, and Angel Investor

Doris Fisher

Co-Founder, Gap, Inc.

Cheryl Frank

Partner, Capital Group

Abe Friedman

Managing Partner, CamberView Partners, LLC

Andrea Higuera-Ballard

Community Volunteer

Ken Hirsch

Managing Director and Partner, Goldman Sachs

Tom Holland

Former President, SunRun, Inc.

Tonia Karr

Community Volunteer

Satya Patel

General Partner, Homebrew

Jenny Shimizu Risk

Community Volunteer

Emily Rummo

Partner, Transcend Education

Lisa Sobrato Sonsini

Board President, Sobrato Family Foundation

Grace Voorhis

Community Volunteer

Ted Williams

Managing Partner, Springbok Partners

Chris J. Young

Corporate Counsel, GoFundMe

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

September 14, 2016 Full Board Meeting Agenda -&- Minutes

8:30-2 pm @ KIPP Bay Area Schools Regional Office, 1404 Franklin St, Oakland, CA

Please contact or 510-465-5477 ext. 703 if you would like to attend the meeting and require accommodations to do so.

Board Committee Meeting Agendas

August 30, 2016 – Finance Committee Agenda

September 1, 2016 — Governance Committee Agenda

September 1, 2016 – Executive Committee Agenda

October 25, 2016 – Special Executive Committee

November 9, 2016 – Governance Committee Meeting

November 15, 2016 – Audit Committee Meeting

November 17, 2016 – Finance Committee Meeting

December 1, 2016 – Executive Committee Meeting
If you wish to see past board agendas or a board calendar, please email or call 510-465-5477 ext. 703.


William K. Bowes, Jr.
Shirley Ross Davis
Catherine & John Debs
Kathleen Donohue & David Sze
John Fisher
Irv Grousbeck
Reed Hastings
Carrie Penner
Arthur Rock & Toni Rembe Rock
Sheryl Sandberg
Sandra & John Thompson
Steven Voorhis


Our Educational Protection Account Resolution

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2014-15 EPA Spending
2013-14 EPA Spending
2012-13 EPA Spending